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We want you to become a member and join us in the fight for a better world today!

By becoming a member you’ll join a network of tens of thousands of likeminded people across Australia. We are driving the national agenda towards greater equality. We are at the forefront of the climate movement and the most important social justice campaigns of our time.

As a Greens member, you’ll be given the opportunity to help shape Greens policies, to run as a Greens candidate, nominate for internal party positions, cast your vote in internal elections, join working groups and committees focusing on important issues, like climate action, health and education, and work with local and state Greens representatives on our campaigns. 

Most importantly, you’ll be able to say that you were part of the movement for a more compassionate society and a sustainable world. Please join us today!

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"I am not a member of another political party and will not join another political party while I am a member of The Greens. I agree to abide by the Charter and Constitution of the Australian Greens, the Constitution of the NSW Greens, and the Constitution or other charter of The Greens local group in my area.  I acknowledge that my membership may be subject to approval by the local Greens group in my area."

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Membership fees and donations to political parties are tax deductible up to $1,500 in any tax year.

Anyone applying for membership or donating to the party must either be registered on the electoral roll, or complete an identification check with the NSW Electoral Commission. The Greens have successfully campaigned for this legislation in NSW, preventing political donations being made by unidentified individuals.

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The Greens NSW offers special memberships to young people and First Nations People.

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