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The first $1,500 contributed during a financial year to a political party in Australia, including membership fees, is tax deductible.

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The Greens NSW are committed to transparency of donations. To comply with NSW Electoral Funding rules, donations of $1000 or more need to be disclosed to the NSW Election Funding Authority, and we plan to publish the names of all persons who donate more than $250 on our website. Because of this, we must request a certain level of information that allows us to check and verify that the donations we receive comply with the law and our voluntary declaration policy.

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b) neither you nor your partner are a director, corporate officer or shareholder with more than a 20% stake in the property development, tobacco, liquor, or gambling industries.

Donations of $1000 or more in a financial year (including Greens party membership fees) must be disclosed by the donor to the NSW Electoral Commission. You can find out more here. This does not apply to political donations made solely for the purpose of a federal election.

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