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We need a change. 

The last two years have thrown us challenge after challenge. Through it all, one thing is clear: whether we’re talking about bushfires and floods, the housing crisis or a COVID-19 response, the Morrison government is simply not up to the task of keeping us safe. 

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to elect as many Greens as we can into the Lower House in the upcoming federal election. The more Greens we get into the House of Representatives, the better our chances of shifting the balance of power in Federal Parliament. This will provide us the ability to take real action against climate change, make billionaires pay their fair share, investigate the sexual abuses, assaults and cover-ups in our highest offices, and chart a road out of the Pandemic. 

We are so close to seeing a fundamental shift in the way the country is run, and your voice and support are more critical than ever. 

Support our campaign to elect more Greens into the Lower House.

Thank you - your donation will make a difference in our fight for the future.

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