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In just a handful of seats across Australia, the Greens are in a position to win. Richmond is one such seat.

I'm in with a great chance, but to do that, we need to run the biggest campaign this region has ever seen!

Unlike the old parties who are beholden to corporate interests, the Greens refuse to accept corporate donations. Greens campaigns are funded by people like you. People who want to see MPs that represent people and communities, not fossil fuel companies.

We already know that we'll be outspent by the major parties but with a huge grassroots campaign, we can do this!

In kicking off this campaign, we're going to need money for a campaign office, we'll need to keep the lights on and have the speediest internet the north coast can muster. My face will be on more fences than you can bear to look at because we are here to win this.

Thank you in advance for backing me in this campaign. Send me to Canberra and I won't let you down.

Let's do this.


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