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Our Federal Election Campaign Starts Here!

We Greens put principles over politics. We are the only Party with the courage and vision to take action on global warming, deliver safer pathways for people seeking asylum and lead the transition to a sustainable new economy. 

Your donation today will help send our message to every voter in NSW. 

Political donations legislation in NSW is the strongest in the country because of campaigning by The Greens in parliament and in the community.

Our Party policy limits us to only accepting donations from individuals on the electoral roll and, in each financial year:

  • a maximum of $1000 to a Greens Candidate or Member of Parliament
  • a maximum of $2500 to The Greens NSW or affiliated Greens local group

We believe in improving transparency in the political process so will disclose donations we receive of $1000 or more on our Donations and Continuous Disclosure web page. 

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